How To Make That Newspaper
Or Magazine Ad Stand Out

by Tom Egelhoff

Every time you run a newspaper or magazine ad, you are not only competing against your own industry competition but also every other ad on the page.

Each ad is trying to attract the attention of the reader as they turn the pages. Here is a low cost, easy way to make your ad stand out.

Most newspapers in major cites are printed in 12 point type. However, many newspapers in small towns may be printed with larger type because they have less content. Larger type will make the paper bigger and fill the pages.

See: "What You Should Know Before You Place A Newspaper Ad."

In major cities I would advise you not to use type equal to or smaller than 12 pt in your ad. The smallest type should always be larger than the smallest type in the paper.

In a small town newspaper however, using a slightly larger type can reduce the content of the ad to much. So in that case you can use a slightly smaller type and still be noticed.

The point you want to remember is that our eyes are trained to look for variations in anything. We look at a horizon and our eyes are drawn to movement.

Changes in color or size. In the case of newspaper ads, a contrast of weight (the size of type) may be just enough for you to stand out from the others who try to match the page.

Also, keep in mind that the person usually creating the ads are the newspaper people themselves who tend to feel comfortable using the same size type for ads and copy.

Force them out of that comfort zone and make your ad a noticeable variation.

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